Why Invest in Home Performance?

Over the past several decades, energy prices have steadily gone up. Average yearly energy prices increase approximately 6.3%. In most households, the annual income does not rise at similar rates. As such, each year you will be spending a higher percentage of your budget to pay for your utility bills.

More importantly, traditional energy resources (oil, natural gas, coal, and wood) have a significant detrimental impact on our planet by raising the carbon levels and destroying the ozone layer. Nuclear generated energy has a zero carbon footprint but incurs other significant health and environmental hazards. Thus, as a society, we need to be more cognizant of overall energy consumption.

The first step in this direction is improving your home envelope to become a high-performance energy house. Through simple or more elaborate measures, your energy consumption can be decreased by 50%. By introducing various alternative energy solutions like hot water solar panels, photovoltaic solar panels, or geothermal energy you can theoretically approach a net-zero energy balance.

Retro-fitting your home to become more energy efficient will help you identify various health and safety concern, increase your home value, improve indoor air quality, and augment the overall comfort.
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